Officers and Board of Directors

Corporate Officers

President – Master Zhantao Lin

Treasurer – Kevin (Zaiqiang) Liu

Clerk – Dongchun Wang

Other Officers

Legal Counsel – Jenny Liu

Membership – Shunhe Liu

Public Relations/spokesperson – Tim LaValle

Web masters – Elisabeth Carr-Jones, Alan Jones, Kevin (Zaiqiang) Liu


Master Zhantao Lin

Dongchun Wang (Westford)

Guo Feng (Winchester)

Cathy Anastasio (Arlington)
Cathy was a graphic artist, who studied fine arts in NJ, NY and Brazil. She took up studying and teaching Tai Chi about 12 years ago and continues to find it a very fulfilling part of her life today.

Yinching Iris Chen (Andover)

Rupert Hon (Westwood)

Kevin (Zaiqiang) Liu (Westwood)

Elisabeth Carr-Jones (Arlington)
Elisabeth is a graphic designer who lives and works in Arlington, MA. She holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture, and has been studying Tai Chi with Master Lin since 2012.

Alan Jones (Arlington)