Tai Chi Boston – March 24 Party

Date & Time:      6:00 – 8:30pm on March 24, 2018

Location:             65 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA (Free parking is available in the 3-floor id-door parking garage, at the parking lot across the street, or on street).

Event registration

Tai Chi Academy of Greater Boston will be hosting an event on March 24, 2018, at 6:00 – 8:30pm. Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, located at 65 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA. The main theme: Tai Chi Friends, Old and New (旧雨新知) to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Tai Chi Group under the Asian Culture Center and the newly-established non-profit organization under the name of Tai Chi Academy of Greater Boston.
The evening event is a potluck party, with limited amount of food provided by a local Chinese restaurant. At the event, we will have Tai Chi performances by the students of Master Lin as well as music master pieces performed by top-rated musicians including Master Lin (Erhu) and Dimitar Petkov’s string quartet.

Mr. Zhantao Lin, the President of the Tai Chi Academy of Greater Boston, has been teaching traditional Yang style Tai Chi in the greater Boston area since 2001. In April, 2009, Master Lin formed the “Tai Chi Society of the Asian Culture Center”, in response to numerous requests for the establishment of a Tai Chi organization. Over the years, the Tai Chi group has been very active in the greater Boston area, promoting the practice of Yang style Tai Chi, exchanging ideas, and participating in various cultural events, including the Dragon Boat Festivals at Charles River, to demonstrate traditional Tai Chi and Chinese culture.

In March, 2018, the Tai Chi Academy of Greater Boston (referred to as Tai Chi Boston as a short hand) has been formally recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as a non-profit organization. The establishment of the Tai Chi organization is to foster the teaching of traditional Tai Chi, promote eastern culture, and facilitate the collaboration and exchange among the Tai Chi friends and practitioners. Tai Chi Boston welcomes all to join the organization through a membership.
Please join us and we look forward to seeing you at the party!